- September 1, 2012: Vol. 4, Number 8

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Exploring New Frontiers in Southeast Asia: Myanmar, Vietnam and the Philippines Merit a Careful Consideration

by Lam Chern Woon

More than a decade after the Asian Financial Crisis, investors are warming up gradually to the Southeast Asian region, targeting the relatively more developed economies of Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. Most investments in these markets (with the exception of Singapore) fall toward the opportunistic end of the investment spectrum. While most investors have shied away from other emerging markets such as Vietnam or the Philippines, some are starting to embrace new horizons as familiarity with the region deepens.

The recent emergence of Myanmar from its political and economic isolation has steered the international investor community toward the recognition of new growth markets in Southeast Asia. A closer look at the fringe economies of Myanmar, the Philippines and Vietnam reveals that the interplay of strong fundamentals and recent growth catalysts point to a wealth of real estate investment opportunities that can complement Asian real estate portfolios.

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