- April 1, 2020: Vol. 14, Number 4

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ESG delivers promising returns: GPR’s ESG-focused index series returns 28.3% in 2019

by Jeroen Vreeker

In early September 2019, Global Property Research officially announced the launch of three index series containing listed real estate securities with an overlay provided by GRESB, the leader in evaluating the ESG performance of real estate and infrastructure investments across the world.

The launch of the index series, targeted at institutional investors, represents one of the very few standards for climate conscious investors in the listed real estate sector. One of the index series designed concerns the GPR Europe ESG+ Index, which consists of the 50 most liquid constituents in Europe. Index constituent weights are adjusted based on the individual company’s ESG performance as measured by GRESB, with higher scoring companies receiving increased weights. The GRESB score uses both the GRESB real estate assessment and GRESB public disclosure methodologies.

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