- May 1, 2018: Vol. 10, Number 5

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Digital transparency: Advancements in digital tools can help better measure asset manager performance

by Jörg Homann

Stocks and bonds give investors deep insight into their investments at a moment’s notice. In the case of special alternative investment funds (AIFs) with internationally-diversified portfolios, it is more difficult to achieve such a high degree of transparency for institutional investors. A uniform, cross-border accounting system becomes essential in these cases. It can consequently be advantageous if management, administration and consulting are all carried out separately, with the quality of management evaluated by an independent body.

The digital revolution is bringing about a transformation in the real estate industry, and players must react. There are numerous technical possibilities that can increase the transparency of service providers, especially asset managers. The market is changing and those asset managers who keep their cards close to their chests are unlikely to survive the structural change. Institutional investors, on the other hand, increasingly expect exte

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