- December 1, 2022: Vol. 16, Number 11

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The next level: Advancing global ESG integration and impact in real estate investment

by Uma Moriarity and W. Stevens Carroll

While the level of environmental, social and governance (ESG) integration into institutional real estate investment plat­forms has increased considerably during the past decade, the need - and appetite - for further evo­lution persists. At this juncture in the ESG lifecycle, the key to maintaining momentum is identifying and implementing standards to assess and manage prog­ress. As fund managers and investors engage in more robust investment activity across the ESG spectrum, the ability to track measurable progress becomes more complex. Avoiding problematic investment sectors through a negative screen is a cut-and-dried

process; measuring actual impact becomes far more intricate. However, we believe there are tools avail­ able that, when applied to the effort, will catalyse the next level of ESG integration: the establishment of real estate portfolios that meaningfully reflect a recognised global impact standard.

Global ESG investing - at the tipping point

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