- November 1, 2021: Vol. 15, Number 10

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Brick by brick: Sustainability is driving the transformation of the real estate sector

by Jochen Schenk

Sustainability has long been a major concern for investors, investment fund service providers and real estate companies. And it will become even more important in the coming years, particularly as a result of increasing regulatory requirements and the European Union’s ambitious climate targets.

There have already been some major changes. A few years ago, only large corporations had sustainability officers. Today, smaller companies have followed their example in recruiting for such positions. What’s more, it is the real estate sector that is driving progress towards decarbonisation. Efforts range from establishing sustainable processes within companies — such as improved environmental protection, conservation of energy, recycling, and incentivisation and training for staff — to coordinating and contributing to the development of sustainable products.

There is now greater awareness of the need for sustainability, but the subject is very complex and many question

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