- May 1, 2024: Vol. 36, Number 5

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BREEAM U.S. director of operations shares sustainability insights for real estate sector

by Andrea Zander

Breana Wheeler, BREEAM’s U.S. director of operations, discusses sustainable strategies within the commercial real estate market, tracing the transition from a focus on risk mitigation to a value-added approach. During the first half of 2024, the firm announced BREEAM’s growth across the United States, which saw a nearly 100 percent year-over-year increase in the number of BREEAM certificates issued nationally in 2023.

Wheeler points out that while the initial allure of sustainability in commercial real estate was driven by its marketing edge, emphasizing premiums associated with green building certification, recent years have witnessed a crucial shift. This shift acknowledges the direct risks posed by climate change to asset value, prompting a move toward viewing sustainability as a means of value creation rather than mere risk mitigation.

“To develop a successful value-added strategy, stakeholders must first understand an asset’s current performance to identif

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