Beyond borders: Predicting global real estate trends for 2024
- December 1, 2023: Vol. 17, Number 11

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Beyond borders: Predicting global real estate trends for 2024

by Uma Moriarity, Joachim Kehr and Matt Goulding

Economic uncertainty, capital cycles and secular trends are creating an intricate landscape across the global real estate asset class, where remaining ahead of market trends is essential. Our analysis dives into the dynamics shaping real estate sectors across the United States, Europe and Asia Pacific as we unveil our predictions for 2024, offering insights to navigate the evolving outlook for the real estate market.

United States

Artificial intelligence and global digitalisation will fuel data centre fundamentals. As data creation, consumption and usage continue to proliferate, the demand for data centres is booming. At the same time, new supply continues to face restrictions in major markets, primarily driven by power supply. Consequently, the sector is experiencing low availability and strong pricing power unlike anything the industry has experienced in the past few decades. Building from this position of strength, data centres are now seeing

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