- November 1, 2014: Vol. 26, Number 10

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A tale of two meetings: What is on the minds of investors in Europe and the Americas

by Geoffrey Dohrmann


While late October’s Editorial Advisory Board meeting in Tokyo for The Letter – Asia Pacific had yet to take place at the time of this writing, we have been spending quite a bit of time reflecting on what we have learned from the participants at the board meetings for our Americas and Europe publications, which were held separately in September.

At the Americas meeting, we conducted roundtable discussions with the 40 investors and 40 investment managers who joined us — a group that collectively controls more than $3 trillion in total AUM and nearly $720 billion in real estate holdings. At the European meeting, discussions were held by 17 investors and 17 investment managers, collectively controlling nearly €5 trillion ($6.3 trillion) in total AUM and more than €743 billion ($936 billion) of real estate holdings.

Here’s how the process works: Prior to these meetings, we solicit discussion topic ideas from each of the participa

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