2024 outlook: Planes, surfing and some personal rantings
- February 1, 2024: Vol. 36, Number 2

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2024 outlook: Planes, surfing and some personal rantings

by Chase McWhorter

At the end of each year, numerous 2024 Market Outlooks come our way. Studying and comparing these reports is both intellectually stimulating and helpful for business planning as it gives us insight into where our clients’ collective heads are going into a new year. Synthesizing these reports into a concise summary is an empathetic practice as well as a snapshot of various perspectives heading into the new year.

As a firm dedicated to serving the investor community, we look for small opportunities to save time and energy. We know the following summary does not replace thorough due diligence, but ideally, we can at least give a glimpse into the general themes headed into 2024.

In addition to these reports, I’m also referencing personal notes taken during our fourth quarter 2023 Virtual Roundtables and our in-person Fall Editorial Advisory Board Meeting, where we specifically asked participants “what are your concerns heading into 2024?” and “where do you see op

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