ESG Means Business, Winter 2023

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Institutional real estate investors across the globe are implementing environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles as part of their overall investment approach, as they embrace the credo of "doing well by doing good."


ESG Means Business, Winter 2023 is a special report published by Institutional Real Estate, Inc. in cooperation with GRESB. This free, 20-page report focuses on how ESG is influencing investor strategy when it comes to carbon footprints and climate resiliency.


Institutions across the board are looking at investment decisions with a hyper-focus on risk — financial risk, legal risk and reputational risk, among others. Drilling down into ESG-oriented risks, two at the top of the list are carbon and climate. ESG Means Business takes a closer look at these risks, as well as the evolving role of ESG, how managers should be looking at ESG, building custom solutions in ESG as an investing strategy, quantifying climate risk and more.

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