Varoon Raghavan on the data center market in Asia Pacific
OCTOBER 18, 2021

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Varoon Raghavan on the data center market in Asia Pacific

by Denise Moose

Investments in data centers have been booming over the past couple of years, and it is not surprising that boom is worldwide.

“Data centers are the foundational blocks of the internet, so everything you do on the internet, whether that is ordering your coffee or trying to get your pet to go for a walk, or doing applications on the internet, etc., everything runs on the internet and the internet has to run through data centers,” says Varoon Raghavan, COO and co-founder of Princeton Digital Group.

He continues to explain that the large platforms, which drive all our internet needs, must be ubiquitous so people are able to access them whether they are in Jakarta, California or Mumbai, and therefore the market needs data centers that can support that ubiquity. But data centers do not come without their challenges, notes Raghavan.

“In Asia I would say that there are a couple of unique opportunities as well as challenges and as always they go along togethe

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