Sustainable hyperscale data centers are 'an amazing opportunity'
Investors - APRIL 19, 2023

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Sustainable hyperscale data centers are ‘an amazing opportunity’

by Marek Handzel

Sustainable hyperscale data centers are an "amazing opportunity" for investors as the digitization megatrend drives demand for more cloud computing storage.

Speaking at the INREV conference on April 18 in Barcelona, Shehriyar Antia, vice president and head of thematic research at PGIM, said that investors should pay close attention to data centers rather than trying to second-guess which technologies and software will lead the digitization megatrend.

"Investing in picks and shovels is better than searching for gold yourself," he said. "What I mean by this is that investing in digital infrastructure will pay off now as well as in the future, regardless of which blockchain or chatbot ultimately takes off. And the demand for hyperscale data centers, the large-scale operations that cater to the global cloud providers such as AWS and Google and Alibaba, they are especially in high demand and will likely be so in the future.”

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