Other - FEBRUARY 3, 2020

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Precision fermentation to disrupt the farming sector, creating new market of opportunities

by Andrea Zander

By 2030, demand for cow products will have fallen by 70 percent, reported Rethinkx.

Before it reaches that, the U.S. cattle industry will be effectively bankrupt. By 2035, demand for cow products will have shrunk by 80 percent to 90 percent. Other livestock markets such as chicken, pig and fish will follow a similar trajectory. There will be enormous destruction of value for those involved in rearing animals and processing them, and for all the industries that support and supply the sector — fertilizers, machinery, veterinary services, and more. The report estimates this will total more than $100 billion. At the same time, there will be huge opportunities for the producers of modern foods and materials.

The result of rapid advances in precision biology have allowed huge strides in precision fermentation, a process that allows scientists to program microorganisms to produ

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