New records in alternative investment fundraising
Other - SEPTEMBER 28, 2022

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New records in alternative investment fundraising

by Robert A. Stanger & Co.

Despite short-term choppiness in fundraising, year-to-date 2022 alternative investment fundraising totaled $77.1 billion through August, a 56 percent increase over the same period of 2021, led by NAV REITs at $26 billion, non-traded BDCs at $18.7 billion, interval funds at $18 billion, and Delaware Statutory Trusts at $6.8 billion, according to Robert A. Stanger & Co.

Blackstone raised $25 billion in the alternative investment space year-to-date, including BREIT with $15.4 billion and its perpetual-life BDC, Blackstone Private Credit Fund (BCRED), with $9.6 billion. Other year-to-date 2022 top fundraisers are Blue Owl Capital ($3.7 billion in BDCs and $3.2 billion in private placements), Cliffwater ($5.2 billion in interval funds), Starwood Capital ($4.2 billion – SREIT), Apollo Global Management ($2.1 billion BDC and $1.3 billion interval funds) and Bluerock Capital ($3.1 billion primarily interval funds).

Stanger expects another record-breaking year for alterna

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