Fundraising - MAY 1, 2013

Mariner holds final close for opportunistic fund

by Andrea Waitrovich

Kansas-based Mariner Real Estate Management has held a $175 million final close for its Mariner Real Estate Partners III. The vehicle launched in July 2011 with a $200 million hard cap.

Mariner Real Estate Partners III invests in unconstrained properties in the United States. The opportunistic fund has started to invest its capital. A recent investment is a 25 percent stake in an LLC from the Bank of Whitman, which failed in August 2012, for $13.6 million. The limited liability corporation, set up by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. when the bank failed, contains 62 loans from the Colfax bank.

Mariner Real Estate Management, which is part of Mariner Holdings, provides real estate focused investment opportunities and management solutions. The company currently manages and invests in real estate, real estate–related assets and real estate–focused companies located throughout the United States.

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