Investors share concerns all around the world
Real Estate - JANUARY 10, 2020

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Investors share concerns all around the world

by Jonathan Schein

As you may or may not be aware, Institutional Real Estate, Inc. is a global concern, with publications, meetings and events in the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific regions. And every year, we conduct Editorial Advisory Board meetings that bring together investors, consultants and investment managers, holding two in the United States, and one each in Europe and Asia Pacific, respectively.

IREI’s mission from the outset in 1987 has been to be an advocate for the investor and how it can help achieve their financial goals through real estate investment as part of its investment allocation.

One of the most important things is to determine commonality between these investors, and the differences as well. First and foremost, risk mitigation is a theme throughout all of the meetings. And this makes sense due to the fact that being a fiduciary is much like a physician’s Hippocratic oath, “Primum non nocere,” simply translated as “First, do no harm.” And it is my be

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