Investor views on emerging Asia
Investors - DECEMBER 13, 2023

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Investor views on emerging Asia

by Jennifer Molloy

As supply-chain diversification becomes the name of the game, which Asia Pacific locations will provide infrastructure and real estate alternatives to investors looking to expand their investments beyond China?

Investment in emerging Asia was addressed in a recent virtual roundtable with institutional investors, consultants and investment managers. The in-depth strategy session, hosted by Institutional Real Estate, Inc., was moderated by Reno Sio, managing director, Asia Pacific, at IREI.

Key takeaways include the following:

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the diversification of supply chains away from China, where they have been too concentrated. Asian nations, especially members of ASEAN, will benefit from this supply-chain diversification, which requires the necessary infrastructure be in place. Before China became the go-to manufacturer, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines all had their manufacturing infrastructure in different
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