How KKR is capitalizing on interest in alternatives
Other - APRIL 12, 2024

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How KKR is capitalizing on interest in alternatives

by Lewis Dayton

KKR is projecting that alternative investments, which amounted to $4 trillion in 2022, could be as high as $15 trillion by 2027, going from 2 percent of private wealth investment to 6 percent, writes Kenneth Corbin in a recent story for Barron’s following KKR’s investor day.

The firm recognizes a growing demand for alternative accessibility from the private wealth space and is promoting its K-Series investment products in response, which include opportunities for private equity, credit, infrastructure and real estate investments.

To continue to be a key player in the alternatives market, KKR is focusing on a five-prong strategy encompassing the K-Series, accessibility, relationships, KKR’s sales force and marketing and data analytics to assist the sales team.

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