Google pays $95.6m for land in Sunnyvale, Calif.
Transactions - SEPTEMBER 4, 2019

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Google pays $95.6m for land in Sunnyvale, Calif.

by Kali Persall

Google has paid $95.6 million for a 16-acre parcel in Sunnyvale, Calif., from NetAPP, a cloud services and data technology firm, according to media sources.

Part of a large city block, the site is part of a 30-acre site owned by NetAPP. It is located adjacent to other properties owned by both of the two companies, according to the Mercury News.

Google owns a combined value of $437.8 million in properties on the block, and has paid at least $2.48 billion for properties in Sunnyvale, a city located in the heart of California’s tech hub, Silicon Valley.

The tech giant also has plans to purchase $1 billion of assets and land in northern Sunnyvale from Verizon Communications and its affiliates.

The deal would be the largest Bay Area transaction this year.

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