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Global income of women will grow from $13t to $18t in the next five years

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The global income of women will grow from $13 trillion to $18 trillion in the next five years, and by 2028 women will control 75 percent of the discretionary spending around the world, according to the "The European Wealth Management Market for UHNW Women", which was added to’s offering.

Yet women remain an underserved segment of the wealth management market. EY research in 2016 showed the majority of wealth managers regard gender as the least important factor when considering client segmentation.

This new report analyses the background to and reasons for the growth in women’s wealth at the ultra-high-net worth level in Europe and forecasts how it will develop and continue to grow over the next five years.

The report then focuses on a series of profiles of ultra-high-net-worth (UHNW) women in each Western European country to establish a valuable picture of the affluent community of European women and to show that they do not form a homogeneous group and that their financial planning needs and investment aims need to be addressed on an individual basis.

At the highest levels of the UHNW segment, the report then goes on to explore the investment strategies in selected European single-family offices in which women are the principals or co-principals.

The report then describes certain issues and problems in the services provided to UHNW women by some, but by no means all, wealth managers.

The report concludes by undertaking a competitive analysis of selected private banks and multi-family offices in Europe that have developed a positive approach to addressing the UHNW women’s wealth management market.

Key Topics Covered:

  1. Growth in women’s wealth: a huge opportunity for wealth managers
  2. Growth drivers for women’s wealth management market over past five years
  3. Forecast growth in UHNW women’s wealth market from 2018 to 2023 during a period of cyclical economic upswing
  4. Increase in female entrepreneurs
  5. Increase in female senior professionals and corporate managers
  6. Growing importance of inheritance
  7. Examples of female inheritors at the billionaire UHNW level
  8. Women benefiting from mega-divorce settlements
  9. Growth in marriage among older women
  10. The role of billionaire widows
  11. Examples of billionaire widows
  12. Upcoming generational change in Europe will transfer more wealth to women
  13. Characteristics of women’s wealth formation in next five years and how wealth managers can respond
  14. Analysis and profiles of female UHNW in Europe
  15. Ultra-high-net-worth women and the growth of single-family offices
  16. Single-family offices in selected European countries controlled by or influenced by women
  17. Women’s attitudes to investment and preferences in building financial knowledge and opinion
  18. Women’s preferences when dealing with financial advisers
  19. Issues with wealth management advice currently provided to women
  20. Competitive analysis of selected private banks and other wealth managers in Europe with a focus on the HNW and UHNW women’s market
  21. Features in their services for female clients which are different to their services for male clients
  22. Profile of each manager, AUM, profitability, growth, services


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