Blue-sky AI: Artificial intelligence and real estate
APRIL 1, 2024

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Blue-sky AI: Artificial intelligence and real estate

by Benjamin Cole

From academia, to major accounting firms, to prestige consultancies of all types, the studies delivered on artificial intelligence (AI) are fashioned in the most sober tones possible — and yet they invariably sound like science fiction.

And when the experts address AI and institutional commercial property, the same abyss between gimlet-eyed analysis and everyday believability is encountered.

RE-generative AI: How technology can transform commercial real estate is a report from Deloitte. Its senior author, John D’Angelo, real estate solutions leader at the professional services colossus, writes: “The emergence of generative AI has shifted our thinking — with use cases demonstrating that the automation of creativity and imagination could be a reality sooner than may have been anticipated.”

The “automation of creativity and imagination”? Not so long ago, an expression such as the “automation of creativity and imagination” might have been

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