Alternatives are becoming mainstays for institutional investors
MAY 1, 2024

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Alternatives are becoming mainstays for institutional investors

by Marek Handzel

As society and financial conditions continue to change in Europe, alternatives are becoming mainstays for institutional investors, writes Lewis Dayton.

There is a reason investors and fund managers are increasingly shifting their capital and focus to alternative real estate assets; society is changing. Hybrid work is diminishing the need for offices, while an emphasis on clean energy is opening up all sorts of new real estate possibilities, and manufacturing, supply chains and the way consumers obtain goods are changing domestic real estate demand.

This appetite for niche property segments is being matched by accessibility. Routes into alternatives are increasing, while the financial fundamentals of many non-mainstream real estate sectors enables them to deliver steady returns, while also having a positive social impact.

As investing in alternatives in Europe continues to become widespread, discernment between the various opportunities, underlying fundamentals a

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