Infrastructure - DECEMBER 6, 2019

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Adapting to climate change with digital technology and infrastructure

by Drew Campbell

When we think of climate adaptation and infrastructure, we typically think of mitigating the effects of higher seas, wildfires and other acts of nature on individual assets. But this focus is too narrow, according to Ardian and Fabernovel in the organizations’ newly released joint report, The Augmented Infrastructure: Digital for Climate?

“In the 21st century, we need to consider a holistic approach to encompass human, environmental, technological variables and establish them as an interconnected ecosystem,” the report notes. “Each component of this ecosystem needs to be considered as an element of equal importance, in order to build a sustainable system.”

The Augmented Infrastructure: Digital for Climate? report is the second in a series of augmented infrastructure reports focused on how infrastructure operates in an era of connectivity.

A key theme of the report is that infrastructure investors not only need to make their p

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