2019: The year pop-ups ‘popped out’
Real Estate - DECEMBER 13, 2019

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2019: The year pop-ups ‘popped out’

by Andrea Zander

The reinvention of retail is still in its early phases, but what is happening with the pop-up trend is a near-perfect microcosm of where retail is going in the Age of Experience. The pop-up is no longer a seasonal option. Instead, pop-ups can represent digital natives going bricks-and-mortar, an explosion of local entrepreneurism, the rise of upstart brands, a new launching pad for global retailers, and more.

 “The pop-up arena is where we see some of the greatest innovation in space activation with non-traditional tenants that will increasingly become permanent users of space replacing many of those tenants that have gone by the wayside. Most importantly, if you want a quick idea who some of the top tenants of tomorrow will be, look at pop-up space today,” noted Cushman & Wakefield in its “Pop-Ups Report.”


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