With more than 4,500 global real estate funds in the database — and over 1,100 of them actively trying to raise a combined total of over $400 billion — IREI’s FundTracker database gives investment managers and placement agents access to information to keep an eye on the competition and strategically position their products and marketing efforts. In addition to its extensive coverage of real estate funds, you will find data on more than 600 of the leading infrastructure funds in the industry.

FundTracker is a powerful, extensive database loaded with data and information on investors, funds, investment managers and placement agents and is backed by 25 years of institutional real estate industry research and reporting.

FundTracker Quarterly Issues FundTracker TrendWatch Reports

Currency converter

Work smarter and get the data you need in the format you need. Exchange rates updated weekly.

Exclusive to FundTracker

Along with data on closed-end and open-end fund offerings, review separate accounts, club deals and co-investments, joint ventures, and oversight management service offerings.

Customizable daily or weekly email alerts

We’ll alert you via email when updates are made to the database. You also may specify which companies you would like to watch.

FundTracker Search Features:

  • Investors: Track financial information on current locations, real estate, assets under management, actual and target real estate allocation percentages, and historical and current data on specific commitments
    and investments going back to 1990. Also provides primary organization name and contact information for key executives.
  • Investment managers and placement agents: Quickly access basic information on real estate and infrastructure investment managers and placement agents operating anywhere on earth, whenever you need it. Get the information you need, when you need it, so you can develop more effective competitive strategies.
  • Consultants: Access information on current real estate and general consultants serving tax-exempt investors.
  • Fund searches: Find information on a single fund, funds actively marketing, recently closed funds, recently added funds, or historical funds. FundTracker contains in-depth information on investment product offered to institutional investors by various investment managers. Information includes fund lifecycle, fund investment style, total capital raised, critical dates, strategy, property and market focus, and target returns.
  • Product fees: Contains the fee structure of a number of investment offerings. (This information is only available in blind format.)
  • Commitments: Track commitments and searches in progress, including status of RFPs issued by tax-exempt real estate and infrastructure investors seeking to hire an investment manager or consultant. Also view investors’ historical fund commitments.
  • Customizable currency conversion: Select a preferred currency to convert all amounts to daily currency exchange rates.
  • Customizable "follow" feature: Follow an investor, investment manager, fund and more! When changes are made to these records, you immediately will be alerted via email.
  • Lists of top real estate investors and top real estate investment managers


PLUS – Receive the quarterly FundTracker publication

Subscription to Institutional Real Estate FundTracker. This quarterly electronic publication reports on the extensive data captured by IREI’s FundTracker database.

FundTracker Features
FundTracker quarterly electronic publication subscription ($1,200 value)
FundTracker TrendWatch features bi-weekly snapshots of trends discovered through the data in the FundTracker database
Switch between our real estate database and infrastructure database
Currency converter
Perform fund, fund manager, investor, placement agent, and consultant searches
Fund searches include data on individual funds, marketing funds, recently closed funds, recently added funds, historical funds
Search for commitments by investors
Lists of top real estate investment managers and top real estate investors
Infrastructure Survey Report
Email alerts
Ability to print reports and company data
Ability to search and browse all fund and company information and export into either an Excel or PDF format.
Ability to view news articles related to a company in the record view and download them in a Word file format.
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