Institutional Investing in Infrastructure

September 2011: Vol. 4, Number 8

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Infrastructure's Inflation Fighters: A Look at If and How Ports, Roads and Other Infrastructure Assets Can Protect Against Inflation

Investors choose infrastructure investments for a number of reasons: diversification, high yields and low correlations are a few of these. In addition, infrastructure can provide some protection against high inflation, and that’s very attractive to institutional investors; however, inflation-hedging promises have not always lived up to the hype, and investors seeking this benefit need to set expectations and choose the right assets.


A Conversation with Gordon Clark

Most recently Clark co-authored The New Era of Infrastructure Investing with Ashby Monk, senior research associate at the University of Oxford, and Ryan Orr, executive director of the Collaboratory for Research on Global Projects at Stanford University. The report concludes that the infrastructure sector will continue to change in ways that better address the goals of institutional investors and that allow for the benefits of infrastructure investing to be more effectively realized. Clark recently spoke with Institutional Investing in Infrastructure assistant editor Tyson Freeman about infrastructure investing.

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