Institutional Investing in Infrastructure

October 2010 Vol. 3 No. 10

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The I3 Investors Survey: A New Tool for Institutional Investment in Infrastructure

Institutional Real Estate, Inc. (IREI), publishers of Institutional Investing in Infrastructure (I3), and its partners and consultants — Macquarie Capital, SteelRiver Infrastructure Partners, B-Capital Partners, Campbell-Lutyens and Kingsley Associates — are pleased to report preliminary results of the inaugural I3 Investors Survey, a survey of 74 global investors and consultants active in or investigating infrastructure investment.


Shop Talk: A Conversation with Michael Likosky

Michael Likosky directs the Center on Law & Public Finance and is senior fellow at New York University’s Institute for Public Knowledge. He has a doctorate from Oxford Law Faculty and has held visiting posts and fellowships at several institutions including Oxford University and the University of Bonn. Likosky has been a tenured law professor in international economic law at University of London. He has written five books, including three with Cambridge University Press, most recently Obama’s Bank: Financing a Durable New Deal (Cambridge, 2010). Likosky advises government officials, leading investors (D. E. Shaw, Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse, and others), major firms (ABC, CBS, ESPN, NBC), labor unions, and others on infrastructure policy and investment. Institutional Investing in Infrastructure senior editor Drew Campbell spoke to Likosky about the prospects for a national infrastructure bank in the United States.

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