Institutional Investing in Infrastructure

October 1, 2018: Vol. 11, Number 9

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Global listed infrastructure: Performance dips in August

Global listed infrastructure companies, on average, were down 0.80 percent in August, but their long-term annualized total return is 11.8 percent. In comparison, global equities recorded 0.91 percent, according to the FTSE Global Equity Index, and 1.28 percent, according to the MSCI World Index, while global bonds were up 0.19 percent during the month.


Power shift: Regulation and technology are shifting how industry, homes and transportation are powered

The world is undergoing a deep structural shift in how it powers industry, homes and transportation. Although this shift is vast — crossing both different types of energy and different parts of the supply chain — the main thrust is the shift from coal and nuclear energy to cleaner sources, notably natural gas and renewables. At the same time, the proliferation of electronics, including electric cars, is resulting in steady power demand growth even as economic and population growth decelerate.


Changing lanes: It has never been more vital to align property assets with infrastructure developments, but what does that mean?

There has always been a fine line between real estate and infrastructure, but these days, it is looking increasingly blurred. Ask most commentators about this shifting boundary and the message is broadly the same: There has never been a more important time for investors to scrutinize the two asset classes and weigh up their respective benefits at a portfolio level.


Building a new core strategy: Build-to-core infrastructure makes sense when investors know how to mitigate the risk

In a market where it is increasingly difficult and expensive for investors to buy mature core infrastructure assets, building one from scratch or redeveloping an existing asset is another option. Build-to-core can be a viable strategy if executed correctly, believes Recep Kendircioglu, senior managing director with John Hancock Financial Services and leader of the power and infrastructure group.

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