Institutional Investing in Infrastructure

November 1, 2022: Vol. 15, Number 10

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Infrastructure 101: A guide to white papers and reports focused on infrastructure investing

After remaining resilient overall through the initial shock of the pandemic in 2020, private investment in infrastructure projects in primary markets recovered in 2021 to just 0.3 percent below its 2019 level. This recovery was largely the result of growth in the regions hardest hit during the pandemic — Oceania, Latin America, and Asia — which all saw investment bounce back following steep regional declines in 2020.


Transport infrastructure project pipeline: Asia leads development globally

Transport infrastructure development will be an important driver of infrastructure investment globally throughout the coming decade. According to our Infrastructure Key Projects Data (KPD), which includes infrastructure projects above $30 million in value, there are 10,931 transport infrastructure projects globally in various pre-construction stages or under construction, with a combined investment value of $6.8 trillion.


Social benefits: Why U.K. social infrastructure is a compelling investment in the current market environment

Investors considering where to deploy their capital in the current U.K. market are increasingly focusing on issues around inflation. The principal concern is that, if sustained, inflation could eat into the real value of their investments, reducing future purchasing power. The knock-on effect on society could be a retrenchment in consumer expenditure, damaging the robustness of consumer-facing businesses (both real and tech-based) and any investments linked to them.

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