- November 1, 2022: Vol. 15, Number 10

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Social benefits: Why U.K. social infrastructure is a compelling investment in the current market environment

by Hugo Llewelyn

Investors considering where to deploy their capital in the current U.K. market are increasingly focusing on issues around inflation.

The principal concern is that, if sustained, inflation could eat into the real value of their investments, reducing future purchasing power. The knock-on effect on society could be a retrenchment in consumer expenditure, damaging the robustness of consumer-facing businesses (both real and tech-based) and any investments linked to them. Those looking further afield in Europe are also concerned about the geopolitical risks arising from the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Russia’s tightening of fossil-fuel supply also imports inflation into the United Kingdom, given that heating, transport and other energy uses are all factored into inflation calculations. A similar future fallout with China, should the country invade Taiwan, would exacerbate this.

In this challenging environment, U.K. social infrastructure real estate may be a compelling inv

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