Institutional Investing in Infrastructure

March 2012: Vol. 5, Number 3

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The Money Talks, Part IV: Big and Small Investors Look at Asset Allocation and Portfolio Construction

The I3 Editorial Advisory Board meeting is a forum for investors, consultants, investment managers and guests to communicate their expectations, challenges and concerns with respect to infrastructure investing. The process helps these groups communicate and work together to achieve their goals and objectives, providing a platform to share experience as well as help drive the editorial content for the I3 publication. The board meeting includes eight hours of discussions, quick tally votes on topics of interest and opportunities to build stronger relationships. This is the fourth part of a review of the board meeting discussions that took place Nov. 9–10, 2011, in Chicago.


Shop Talk: A Conversation with Michael Likosky

Michael Likosky directs the Center on Law & Public Finance and is senior fellow at New York University’s Institute for Public Knowledge. He has written five books, including three with Cambridge University Press, most recently Obama’s Bank: Financing a Durable New Deal,and advises government officials, leading investors, major firms, labor unions and others on infrastructure policy and investment. Institutional Investing in Infrastructurecontributing editor Tyson Freeman spoke to Likosky about the U.S. infrastructure market and in particular the progress of the P3 model and possibilities for a U.S. Infrastructure Bank

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