Institutional Investing in Infrastructure

March 1, 2018: Vol. 11, Number 3

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Infrastructure fundraising times creep up: Average fund closing times still less than 2012 peak

The average time for infrastructure private equity funds to be on offer from start to finish began falling in 2012, reaching a low of 15.6 months in 2015. That year, the trimmed mean, which drops the top and bottom 5 percent, was even lower at 14.1 months, with the median coming in at a remarkable 12.0 months. 2016 saw this trend reverse, and we began wondering if we were seeing the beginning of a new trend, where closing times were increasing.


President Trump outlines infrastructure plan in State of the Union: The policy includes incentives for private capital and plans for large projects

Infrastructure investment and spending in the United States as well as the state of its roads, bridges and more has been a perennial topic for more than a decade, but without the results many have hoped for. On Tuesday, Jan. 30, in his State of the Union address, President Trump outlined plans for an infrastructure program to address many of these problems by using private capital and streamlining the regulatory process.


Riding the risk curve: Investors balance risk with a need for returns during the lifecycle of an investment

Not all infrastructure investments are made equal. While the asset class is generally considered low risk, this isn’t always the case. There are an ever-growing variety of assets, contracts and geographical locations that combine to produce investments whose risk profiles can range from near bond-like low risk levels all the way through to those that look a lot like private equity.


U.K. infrastructure investment and finance: Public-private partnerships and the PFI model

The following article is the fourth of several excerpts that will appear in i3 from U.K. Infrastructure Investment and Finance from a European and Global Perspective. The report with footnotes and references is available at or the SSRN This study provides an overview of the financing of infrastructure investment in the United Kingdom in a European, global and historical context. The fourth excerpt from the report focuses on public-private partnerships in U.K. infrastructure.

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