Institutional Investing in Infrastructure

January 1, 2019: Vol. 12, Number 1

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Conversation starters: Food for thought in the new year

Throughout 2018 we had many conversations with you, the readers of i3. During these discussions, I took extensive notes, not for news purposes, but to reflect on what patterns might emerge in the new year. These issues have been discussed in previous years and there is nothing too groundbreaking in what follows; however, what is new is more contrarian thinking on certain topics.


The money talks: i3 board members meet in Chicago to discuss global infrastructure investing

Infrastructure markets, similar to most markets today, have had a long run of rising valuations, but if the discussions at IREI’s 10th annual Institutional Investing in Infrastructure Editorial Advisory Board meeting are an indication, those valuations will be challenged in the near future. This was one of the key takeaways from the discussions among i3 board members at their meeting in Chicago in November.


Global listed infrastructure: Key movers during November

Global listed infrastructure companies, on average, were up 3.4 percent in November, according to the Global Listed Infrastructure Organization coverage of the market. In comparison, global equities gained 1.4 percent. Below is a summary of how the sectors performed in November.


Transportation infrastructure in 2019: A conversation with S&P Global Ratings

Drew Campbell, i3 senior editor, spoke with S&P Global Ratings analysts about what 2019 may bring for transportation infrastructure globally. The participants were: Candela Macchi, director, Infrastructure, Latin America; Dhaval Shah, director, Infrastructure, North America; Julyana Yokota, director, Utilities & Infrastructure, Latin America; Richard Timbs, senior director, Infrastructure Sector Lead Pacific Region; Tania Tsoneva, director, Infrastructure & Utilities, EMEA.


All infrastructure is local: Getting a P3 deal done in the United States often means working with state and local governments unfamiliar with the process

The U.S. infrastructure market must drive institutional investors nuts. Here is a sprawling investment opportunity laid out in the richest country in the world. A market packed with all types of institutional-sized assets and projects in a broad range of sectors that would kick off attractive yields for decades. But then reality sets in.

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