- January 1, 2019: Vol. 12, Number 1

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Conversation starters: Food for thought in the new year

by Chase McWhorter

Throughout 2018 we had many conversations with you, the readers of i3. During these discussions, I took extensive notes, not for news purposes, but to reflect on what patterns might emerge in the new year. These issues have been discussed in previous years and there is nothing too groundbreaking in what follows; however, what is new is more contrarian thinking on certain topics. Below are three key themes I noticed emerging in the infrastructure industry:

The evolving bifurcation of investor preference The desire for more data/benchmarks Resiliency at both portfolio and asset level

Evolving and more defined taste

Infrastructure investors are beginning to move into two camps in how they evaluate their infrastructure portfolio. In one camp, you have investors who view infrastructure as core (or possibly super-core), which is more akin to fixed-income, and in another camp you have investors who view infrastructure as

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