Institutional Investing in Infrastructure

April 1, 2023: Vol. 16, Number 4

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Making sense of ESG’s evolution

In an industry that spans massive facilities, ranging from airports to energy plants, investors are used to dealing with concrete assets that deliver results. Investors now are looking for the same substance when it comes to ESG.


Fundraising report: What a year!

We’ve known since the end of the first quarter that 2022 was going to be an infrastructure fundraising year for the ages. The only question was how much more capital would be raised by private equity funds in 2022, compared with the record-setting $107.8 billion raised in 2021. The answer turned out to be more than 36 percent more (i.e., $39.1 billion more).


Social infrastructure: It’s all about the people

No one denies the importance of social infrastructure. Communities could not function without schools, healthcare facilities, affordable housing options and other people-focused assets. Yet, investment in new stock and maintaining old is sorely lacking.


Investors group leads on diversity, equity and inclusion

The Institutional Limited Partners Association (ILPA) has published its most recent progress report on its Diversity in Action initiative (DIA), finding participants are integrating DEI principles into their organizations, including expanding talent pipelines, fostering inclusive cultures, and holding individual employees and teams accountable through DEI goal-setting.

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