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In Focus: James Harkness on the state of benchmarking

James Harkness, executive director of client coverage at MSCI's real estate business, discusses the state of benchmarking, what the different benchmarking options are out there, what the strengths and limitations of different benchmarks and more. (09/2018)

Infrastructure Report: The opportunities in climate-related projects

What is “climate infrastructure” and how are those deals sourced and funded? Why should investors include climate infrastructure in their investment portfolios? What size investments are required in the climate infrastructure space? For answers to those questions we turned to Reid Capalino, a principal with the Aligned Intermediary, an investment advisory firm created to help long-term investors channel institutional capital into clean energy, water infrastructure, and other projects. (09/2018)

In Focus: Reynold Martin on insurance companies and infrastructure

Reynold Martin, managing principal at Allstate Infrastructure & Energy, discusses why insurance companies invest in infrastructure and how insurance company’s approach to infrastructure investment compares to pension funds and other institutional investors. (09/2018)

Infrastructure Report: Nuclear energy’s resurgent prospects in the age of climate change

Nuclear energy has long been a feared and decried power source in many circles, but with climate change threatening the planet in ways nuclear plants never have, a chorus of former naysayers are now pointing to nuclear energy as an essential technology for decarbonizing earth’s atmosphere. To discuss the industry’s outlook, nuclear energy expert John Kotek, an executive with the Nuclear Energy Institute and a former official with the U.S. Department of Energy, joins us. (09/2018)

Infrastructure Report: The impact of private investment and advanced technologies

What are the most positive and exciting projects and trends in the infrastructure space today? Our guest, Norm Anderson, CEO of CG/LA Infrastructure, takes us around the world and around many dimensions of the infrastructure backbone, and gives investors and rank-and-file citizens some reasons for renewed optimism. (08/2018)
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