Institutional Investing in Infrastructure

September 2009 Vol. 2 No. 4

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China's Infrastructure Scale, Risks and Opportunities

To fight the devastating consequences of the global financial crisis, China’s government, as well as many other countries, is mobilizing major relief, increasing capital availability and creating unprecedented liquidity in order to stave off a global financial meltdown. As China moves into the third quarter of 2009, the economic downturn is clearly under control, but the increased liquidity has created an overabundance of capital that could potentially breed inflation, an abnormal surge of stock market values and real estate prices.


To Give Is to Get: Public Sector Stimulus Invites Private Sector Capital

Private investors have raised more than $100 billion in equity capital for investment in global infrastructure markets during the past two years on the understanding that government budgets are strained and will not be able to meet demand for all the projects that are needed. In response to the global economic slowdown, however, the public sector is directing large sums of capital to infrastructure to help stem job losses and keep economies from tipping into depression.

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