Institutional Investing in Infrastructure

September 1, 2017: Vol. 10, Number 8

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H1/17 first look: Less than $3 billion raised by infra funds reaching final close Q2/17

Someone should put together a thesaurus that provides a variety of phrases to say the same thing, rather than just synonyms for single words. If I had such a collection, I’d look up a new way to say, “Data from the first half of 2017 confirms that the infrastructure asset class continues to be dominated by fewer and larger funds.” I’m running out of ways to say that infrastructure investment capital is getting more concentrated in the hands of just a few managers with each passing quarter.


U.K. infrastructure investment and finance: A European and global perspective

This study provides an overview of the financing of infrastructure investment in the United Kingdom in a European, global and historical context. It evaluates the structure and development of private infrastructure finance in the United Kingdom, and makes comparisons with other advanced economies in the European Union and the “G7+” (i.e., the G7 countries plus Australia). This broad, international perspective on a country at a critical point in its history yields useful insights for both policy makers and investors.


The power of water: Successful renewable energy investment in small hydropower

Although wind and photovoltaics are today’s poster children for renewable energy, hydropower has been around for a much longer time and now boasts plants that have been operating reliably for over 100 years, some of them with original equipment. Run-of-river hydropower plants on streams with good hydrologic characteristics can achieve a plant capacity factor on the order of 70 percent, as opposed to values in the vicinity of 20 percent for solar.

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