Institutional Investing in Infrastructure

October 1, 2022: Vol. 15, Number 9

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Global listed infrastructure report: Essential news and notes

The GLIO Index of infrastructure companies fell in August (–2.3 percent), and year-to-date is now behind –2.8 percent. Global equities weakened (–4.1 percent) in August year-to-date and, they are well under water (–20.1 percent). As you would expect from the headline GLIO Index performance, all major infrastructure sectors were down (in USD) in August.


Partnering with government to invest in U.S. infrastructure: Recent legislation and executive actions open the door to private investment in U.S. infrastructure

The potential for private investors to work with government in the United States to invest in infrastructure projects has taken big steps forward recently. Some of this is well known — the $1.3 trillion Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act has been reported heavily, but related legislation and programs with the potential to be more impactful for private investors have flown under the radar.


Driving the transition: Realizing infrastructure’s potential for sustainable impact

Investing in infrastructure represents a unique opportunity for long-term investors to allocate capital at the intersection of environmental, social and economic progress. A 2018 study from the Inter-American Development Bank makes the case that infrastructure has the potential to explicitly and directly support progress toward more than 70 percent of the 169 Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) targets outlined in the United Nation’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

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