Institutional Investing in Infrastructure

February 1, 2023: Vol. 16, Number 2

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Infrastructure 101: A guide to white papers and reports focused on infrastructure investing

The U.S. utility sector is undergoing significant changes that are impacting companies of varying sizes and service types. Investments in cleaner forms of energy production and the need to bolster infrastructure reliability is expected to drive utility capital spending in the next few years. Investors, regulators and an array of other entities with diverse interests are playing a critical role in moving the industry forward.


Global listed infrastructure: Essential news and notes

The summary table outlines the headline GLIO Index performance (–5.8 percent) for 2022 versus 2021 (14.9 percent). By comparison, global equities ended 2022 well behind (–17.7 percent), and global bonds dropped –16.2 percent. The 15-year annualized U.S. dollar return for the GLIO Index is 7 percent, ahead of global equities (6 percent) and with a full 340 basis points lower volatility.


Different year, same questions: A new year has arrived with many of last year’s trends still on investors’ minds

At this time last year, inflation, the pandemic and conflict between Russia and Ukraine were at the top of investor agendas globally. These three topics remain top concerns as the new year begins; however, the direction of inflation compared with a year ago has started to reverse course, the response to the pandemic has become more routine, and the war in Russia and Ukraine has less uncertainty.


Inflation Reduction Act paves the way for U.S. energy security

The United States does not have an energy problem, it has an energy security problem. Indeed, while clean energy is frequently — and not undeservedly — in the spotlight, finding a way to firm up renewable generation remains a crucial issue. With this in mind, provisions outlined in the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) could expedite the move toward energy security as national demand for electricity begins to grow for the first time in decades.


ADIA backs Asia Pacific investment program

Singapore-based SC Capital Partners has formed a data center investment program with a wholly owned subsidiary of the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA). SC Capital Partners secured commitments for the new mandate from ADIA, with the ability to scale up throughout time to $2 billion of equity.


A bright spark: Data centers are more than just the hottest sector

Data centers — once just obscure buildings hosting server racks — have risen in prominence to become one of the hottest property sectors investors are looking at today. A global data center investor sentiment survey conducted by CBRE in 2021 revealed nearly 95 percent of more than 115 respondents, many of whom are among the world’s largest institutional real estate investors, were looking to increase their capital deployment in the data center sector.


A Conversation with Joanna Frank with Drew Campbell

There is a direct correlation between the design and maintenance of the neighborhoods where we live and work, and overall quality of life and life expectancy. This connection has become headline news in the wake of COVID-19 and the increasing threat to health brought on by climate change.

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