Institutional Investing in Infrastructure

February 1, 2017: Vol. 10, Number 2

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From the Current Issue


A conversation with Scott Inglis, Tommaso Albanese and Doug Zinkiewich

Institutional Investing in Infrastructure senior editor Drew Campbell spoke with three infrastructure debt managers about the current market. Below is an excerpt of this conversation with Tommaso Albanese, managing director and head of infrastructure with UBS Asset Management; Scott Inglis, managing director, MetLife Investments Private Capital Investors group; and Doug Zinkiewich, managing director and head of investment management with Integrated Asset Management Private Debt Group.


The five qualities of a well-tempered city: Lessons from J.S. Bach

The first quality of urban temperament is coherence, which can be seen at work in the temperament used by Johann Sebastian Bach to compose The Well-Tempered Clavier. Just as an equalizing tuning system permitted 24 different musical scales to integrate and to influence one another for the first time, so cities need a framework to unify their many disparate programs, departments and aspirations. 

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