Institutional Investing in Infrastructure

December 2010 Vol. 3 No. 12

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The Board Talks: Investors, Managers and Consultants Meet in Washington, D.C., to Discuss Infrastructure Investing

The 2010 Editorial Advisory Board of Institutional Investing in Infrastructure (I3) convened in early November to discuss the challenges and opportunities in today’s marketplace. One benefit of the meeting is board members can hear from a cross section of their industry. For example, an insurance company investor can hear what a sovereign wealth fund or public pension investor thinks about infrastructure investments and vice versa.


Shop Talk: A Conversation with Michael Likosky, Part Two

In part two of an interview about a U.S. infrastructure bank, Institutional Investing in Infrastructure (I3) senior editor Drew Campbell speaks with Michael Likosky, director of the Center on Law & Public Finance and senior fellow at New York University’s Institute for Public Knowledge. The first part of the interview was published in the October issue of I3.

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