Time: Why there’s never enough — and what to do about it
- December 1, 2023: Vol. 16, Number 11

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Time: Why there’s never enough — and what to do about it

by Geoffrey Dohrmann

The most common complaint I hear from CIOs and investment officers around the globe is that they are overwhelmed by the demands on their time. This is true even for those blessed with large staffs — although for most of you, you are also plagued with a lack of sufficient staff resources. Many of you are effectively one-person shows. And some of you are CIOs with no staff at all — you’re running the whole shooting match by yourself.

By the way, I totally understand how you feel. No matter how our staff has grown over time, I have always felt like my job would be easier if I only had more time. And, I have always felt that if I only had more staff, I would have more time.

The problem is, the more staff I acquired, the more bogged down I became in managing those people and the less time I had left over to focus on developing and implementing business strategy (which, after all, is my real job here at Institutional Real Estate, Inc.). Maybe you can relate to that, pa

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