- January 2012: Vol. 5, Number 1

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The Investor Perspective

by Drew Campbell


During fourth quarter 2011, most management teams across industries completed business planning for the year ahead and challenged themselves: “How will we deliver better value than the competition? How can we best support our market and all its participants?” and, most importantly, “How will we generate the revenue needed to do these things on an ongoing basis?”

During planning for 2012’s Institutional Investing in Infrastructure (I3), and with the help of feedback from readers and our Editorial Advisory Board, IREI identified several areas where I3 can improve, including publishing more originally sourced information and data. To that end, this year you will read more excerpts and analysis from our Editorial Advisory Board meeting as well as more results from our annual I3 Investors Survey, which will be ready as a complete summary report in first quarter 201

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