- February 1, 2020: Vol. 13, Number 2

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Silicon frontier in infrastructure: From traditional to tech

by Joel Kranc

The infrastructure world is changing rapidly due to advances in technology. This is also changing the type of investor in the space.

Infrastructure investment is, perhaps, one of the easiest assets to understand. There are different financing models, and ways to acquire the assets, but as stand-alone investments, one-word descriptions such as roads, bridges, airport and grids, paint a pretty vivid picture. That picture, however, is clouded by the infrastructure gap existing on a global scale. According to Global Infrastructure Hub, a G-20 funded organization, infrastructure spending will need to increase by $14.9 trillion (with  a “T”) by 2040 to keep pace with our  growing needs.

Adding even further complications to the picture is the growth of technological needs in every day life, which has changed the nature of what infrastructure is and what it can be. Broadband, fiber-optic, 5G, hyperloop and smart-city needs are becoming more commonplace — and s

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