- August 1, 2017: Vol. 10, Number 7

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Research review: A guide to recent infrastructure research reports and papers

by Drew Campbell

Infrastructure: Opportunity for yield and diversification

By Nuveen (TIAA)

The complete white paper, which was published in May 2017, is available at

Synopsis: The report focuses on the four categories of infrastructure — private and public and equity and debt — providing an overview of the asset class. The distinct advantages infrastructure investment has over traditional and other real assets include potential for higher yield, lower volatility and low correlations, the report notes. Infrastructure investments also “generate predictable, long-term cash flows guaranteed by government or contracts for essential services, making them less sensitive to economic cycles.” Nuveen also points out the infrastructure asset class’ unique characteristics such as location-specific natural monopolies with long-term contracts for essential services as well as an analysis of the historical performance of each

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