- January 1, 2015: Vol. 8, Number 1

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Not your fathers asset class: A preview of the 2014 I3 Global Infrastructure Investor Survey

by Sheila Hopkins

The 2014 I3 Global Infrastructure Investor Survey is just about ready for prime time. We have pored over the data, looked at means, modes and medians. We have looked at standard deviations, ranges and 95 percent confidence intervals for mean. And we have spent more than a little time comparing this year’s results with those of the previous two years.

And what did we conclude? More capital is being allocated for infrastructure than ever before, but there is evidence these allocations may be having trouble getting deployed into investments. Investors also are becoming more comfortable with the risks. But instead of developing a consensus on what to expect and agreement on typical infrastructure characteristics, the asset class is becoming increasingly more diversified and stratified. There is no typical infrastructure investor. There is no typical infrastructure allocation. There is no typical infrastructure return expectation. Infrastructure apparently is no

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