- May 1, 2021: Vol. 14, Number 5

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Infrastructure remains essential: Investors and operators keep infrastructure services on track through the pandemic

by Chris Anderson

More than a year has passed since the coronavirus first started to take hold, which led to many countries taking drastic action. There were immediate lockdowns, with restrictions on movement and travel, and many people were required to stay at home, all in an effort to limit the spread and reduce the strain on their healthcare systems. In some regions, these lockdowns continue, while others allow greater movement. Vaccinations are also under way, with countries announcing their numbers daily. In addition, there are stimulus packages being announced to help get economies and businesses moving again — $1.9 trillion in the United States and $814 billion in the European Union are just two examples.

So where does that leave infrastructure investments? Assets have been impacted during the past 12 months, both negatively and positively. While every airport and toll road has been affected by the ongoing travel restrictions, data centers were one of the areas reporting a surge in us

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