- November 1, 2013: Vol. 6, Number 10

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Give me a piece of shale: North American shale booms, while other countries struggle to catch up

by Andrea Waitrovich


The North American shale revolution is a success story.

Shale in the United States has emerged as a low-cost new unconventional energy resource, positioning the country to become the world’s top oil and natural gas producer. Holding the world’s second-largest deposits of shale energy after Asia Pacific, the North American region will account for more than 70 percent of global tight oil and shale gas supplies in 2030, British Petroleum predicts in its World Energy Outlook 2030.

“You can imagine the impact it will have once the United States becomes an exporter,” says William Nordlund, managing director with Dallas-based Panda Power Funds. “It will become a worldwide phenomenon. This is the biggest change I have ever experienced

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