- June 1, 2020: Vol. 13, Number 6

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Food for thought (Part II): Investors thirsting for reliable returns will find a deep well of opportunity in water

by Mard Naman

This is the second part of a two-part series on the infrastructure used to support agriculture. The first installment was featured in the May i3.

Given all the emerging technology for agriculture, with the potential for many winners and losers before the sector matures, there is one resource that is both essential and irreplaceable, that has worked for investors in the past and will continue working into the foreseeable future: water.

“Scarce, clean water is the resource defining this century, much like plentiful cheap dirty oil defined the last century,” says Matt Diserio, co-founder and president of Water Asset Management. “We launched WAM in 2005 based on that core belief.”

Indeed, climate change is only increasing the value of water and water infrastructure, as more frequent and more extreme droughts and floods impact our lives. Diserio believes climate change is essentially a water problem. “Why is climate change bad? The root cause of wh

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